The Stranger I Know

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Aron Paul ‘The Stranger I Know’ Album Artist: Aron Paul Title: The
Stranger I Know Format: Digital
Download, USB Stick, CD Album
Release Date: Nov 2nd Digital
December 2nd Physical Label: Sonic
Vista Recordings (SVRCD014) Having
supported the likes of Elbow and
Coldplay in previous bands, Aron Paul
is no stranger to the influential
Mancheser music scene. Whilst
maintaining an indie work ethic Aron's
compositions often cross over into
Classical and Jazz areas.

Clint Boon labeled it 'chilled out
acoustic soul' and has been telling
the world about this intriguing and
evocative sound since 2005. Aron
doesn't seek the limelight though,
preferring to write and socialise in his
own inimitable way. He was
something of a figurehead in
Manchester before departing for
meditteranean europe in 2008.

He ran an unsigned night at the Mint
Lounge in Manchester's northern
quarter which drew in such luminaries
as Martin Coogan (Mock Turtles),
Mike Joyce (The Smiths) and the
aforementioned Mr. Boon and was an
early stage for artists such as Karima
Francis, Jonny Foreigner and
Reverend Coyote amongst others.

Aron's first album 'Angel Calling' in
2007 followed his success in winning
the Strummer Live Music Series and
several appearances on Channel M
TV. Tracks such as Deadweight to
Disappear and Forevermore showing
a unique songwriting style that was
both moving and memorable.

With the new album 'The Stranger I
Know' Aron's compositions have
stepped up a gear and it's a testament
to his songwriting credentials that
tracks like 'The Stranger I Know',
'Jaded Dream' and 'Stars' are starting
to suggest that Aron may have a big
future in publishing.

As Aron himself explains. “My
influences are endless; I like
absolutely everything from Bach to
The Stone Roses. The songs are all
written form the heart and when
layered with piano, cello and backing
vocals, to me it sounds simply
beautiful. I really cannot define my
music. It has been described as
acoustic/soul, but I like to just write a
song depending on how I'm feeling at
that particular time.”


Aron Paul Sonic Vista Music


Singer Songwriter


All Rights Reserved

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The Stranger I Know
The Stranger I Know
  • Time Will Always Tell
  • The Stranger I Know
  • Morning Rain
  • Feels Like Sunshine
  • My Oh Me
  • Stars
  • Bring Me Back
  • Jaded Dream
  • Over Again
  • Ayelynne (Fade Out)

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